Below you will find responses to the most common questions asked by our customers. If you don't see the answer you need in the material below, feel free to contact our technical support team and they will do everything they can to get you your answer in a courteous and timely manner.


Q: "Can you make custom sizes?"
A: Yes! We can custom wind any diameter from .034" to 1.5" ( continuous lengths might be limited in the larger diameter gaskets).

Q: "Are the gaskets easy to install?"
A: Yes! The gaskets snap easily into extruded or milled grooves without tools, or are surface mounted with or without pressure sensitive adhesive.
Q: "Will pieces break off like other gaskets I've tried for VME applications?"
A: No! Compression set is minimal and testing shows no visible gasket wear after 1,000 insertions!
Q: "Does it come in rolls or cut to length?"
A: Both! Our groove mounted gaskets cut easily with a sharp pair of scissors or you can have us cut them for you for a nominal charge.
Q: "How easy is it to insert the Flexi-Shield gasket into VME type panels?"
A: Very! The gasket is very soft, yet durable, and the panels slide in easily, even with tolerance buildups.
Q: "I need to shield an air vent, do you have anything that will work?"
A: Yes! Our Shielded Air Vent Honeycomb Filters supply an excellent level of shielding, due to our patent pending process, while allowing air to circulate freely. Spira Honeycomb Filters are manufactured using a Spira patented design and are available at very competitive prices.
Q: "How expensive are your gaskets?"
A: The cost of a particular gasket depends primarily on the shielding quality needed, as well as your environmental requirements. All Spira gaskets are very competitively priced.

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