Transfer Functions in EMC Shielding Design

The following presentations were given on August 9, 2004 at the IEEE/EMC Symposium in Santa Clara, CA. Technical References from the workshop are also included below.

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1. Overview of Transfer Functions, Antenna Theory, Shielding Effectiveness* handouts**

by George Kunkel, Spira Manufacturing Corporation

2. Coupling Between Wire Lines and Application to Transfer Impedance Analysis handouts
by Richard Mohr, EMC Consultant
3. Transfer Impedance as a Measure of the Shielding Quality of Seams and EMI Gasketed Joints handouts
  by Dr. Brett Robinson, Robinson Enterprises  
4. Transfer Impedance as a Measure of the Shielding Quality of Shielded Cables and Connectors handouts
  by Lothar (Bud) Hoeft, Consultant, Electromagnetic Effects  
5. Transfer Function Analysis of EM Shielded Enclosures handouts
  by W. Michael King, Systems Design Advisor

Workshop References

Shielding Design & Test | Corrosion Effects | Cables & Connectors

Click below to view references as desired. All are in PDF format except the first selection.
General Shielding Design & Test

Transfer Impedance and Transfer Admittance Measurements on Gasketed Panel Assemblies, and Honeycomb Air Vent Assemblies
by P. J. Madle, IEEE/EMC 1976 Symposium
Applied EMC Control in a High Dynamic Range Environment
by L.A. Messer, IEEE/EMC 1976 Symposium
EMI/RFI Gasketing for Tactical Shielded Door Seam Applications
by B. Cain, US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Testing Shielding Quality of EMI Gaskets (Guest Editorials)
by George Kunkel, J. Butler, L.A Messer, EMC Technology, January-June 1989
Mechanical Force Considerations in the Use of EMI-Environmental Gaskets
by George Kunkel. IEEE/EMC 1980 Symposium
RF Performance Standard Means
Hewlett Packard Journal (excerpt), June 1984
Internal Modular Signal Generator Mechanical Design
Hewlett Packard Journal (excerpt), December 1985
Selection and Use of Shielded Aluminum Honeycomb Air-Vent Filters
by George Kunkel
VME Design Guide (for Flexi-Shield Gaskets)
by George Kunkel, Spira Mfg. Corporation
EMI Gaskets & Shielding Products Catalog & Design Guide
by Spira Manufacturing Corporation
Electromagnetic Leakage Through Seams and Gasketed Joints - A Demonstration
by George Kunkel. IEEE/EMC 1996 Symposium
Testing the Shielding Quality of EMI Gaskets and Gasketed Joints - A Demonstration
by George Kunkel. IEEE/EMC 1994 Symposium
Lightning Induced Electromagnetic Fields into Aerospace Vehicles
by George Kunkel. Evaluation Engineering, August 1990

Corrosion Effects on Shielding

Corrosion and the EMI/RFI Knitted Wire Mesh Gasket
by G. Roessler, Frequency Technology, 1969
EMI Shielding of Conductive Gaskets in Corrosive Environments
by H.W. Denny and K.R. Shouse, IEEE/EMC 1990 Symposium
Effects of Corrosion on the Electrical Properties of Conducted Finishes for EMI Shielding
by B. Archambeault & R. Thibeau, IEEE/EMC 1989 Symposium
Corrosion Effects on EMI Gasketed Joints
by George Kunkel, IEEE/EMC 1980 Symposium
Corrosion Effects on Field Penetration through Apertures
by George Kunkel, IEEE/EMC 1978 Symposium
Corrosion Control in EMI Design
by E. Groshart, IEEE/EMC 1977 Symposium
Corrosion of MGCS Frame at EMI Gasket Interfaces
by E. B. Lachmar, Rockwell International
Preliminary Corrosion Study of EMI Gaskets for Avionic Systems
by WW Lin, JJ Reilly, HJ Lee, & RJ Brown, Naval Air Development Center, 1987
CORROSION, Special Report
by Reinhold Publishing Corporation, M/DE Magazine, January 1963

Shielded Cables & Connectors

A Simplified Relationship Between Surface Transfer Impedance and Mode Stirred Chamber Shielding Effectiveness of Cables and Connectors
by Lothar O. Hoeft, EMC 2002 Symposium
Comparison of the Electromagnetic Shielding Provided by Circular and Rectangular Connectors and their Accessories
by Lothar O. Hoeft, IICIT 1993
Measured Electromagnetic Shielding Performance of Commonly Used Cables and Connectors
by Lothar O. Hoeft, IEEE 1988
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of the Magnetic Field Attenuation of Enclosures
by Lothar O. Hoeft, IEEE 1988

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