Spira Honeycomb Air Vent Filter

The "Spira Advantage"

Spira’s family of exceptional honeycomb filters includes our Shielded Fan Filter, as well as our popular Econo-Cell, Spira-Cell, and Brass-Cell Shielded Air Vent Filters. All Spira honeycomb filters include the “Spira Advantage” as described below.

Spira's Patented Process

All Spira Shieldied Air-Vent and Fan Filters include our patented “blending” process of the aluminum honeycomb panel that provides high and reliable levels of shielding. Our filters also include the use of epoxy which mechanically bonds the honeycomb panel to the frame and the use of our patented spiral EMI gasket, which ensures an excellent, long-lasting EM bond between the panel and the frame. 

Shielding Effectiveness

The shielding effectiveness graphs illustrate the shielding of 1/8” cell by 1/4” thick honeycomb panels including: (A) the level of shielding obtained from a typical honeycomb panel; (B) the shielding from a panel which has been processed using our patented blending process; and (C,D) the shielding obtained from tin plated honeycomb panels, where most of the incidental contact points across the epoxy joint were removed from one of the panels during the pre-plating cleaning process (D).

Shielding Effectiveness of Spira Filters
Shielding Effectiveness

Microscopic Photos of Honeycomb Panel Cells
Typical Honeycomb Panel Spira's Blended Honeycomb Panel
Typical Honeycomb Panel Spira’s Blended Honeycomb Panel
Tin Plated Honeycomb Panel Tin Plated Honeycomb Panel incidental contacts removed
Tin Plated Honeycomb Panel Tin Plated Honeycomb Panel
(incidental contacts removed)

Product Information

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