The surface (or flange) mounted gaskets are used when space is limited, or when the application of a surface mounted gasket is cost effective.
EMI & Environmental Shielding

Basic Multi-Seal
The best surface mounted EMI/environmental seal.


EMI-Only Connector Seal
EMI sealing designed for flange mounted connectors.

High Shielding, environmental sealing.

New EMI & Environmental Connector Seal
Patent-pending gaskets for flange mounted connectors.

Selectable Shielding, environmeal seal, "peal-n-stick".

  Die-Cut & Framed Gaskets
Die-Cut & Framed Gaskets
Surface mounted gaskets manufactured into custom shapes.

Information is also available on Surface Mounting Techniques.

See our Part Number Matrix for assistance with part numbers, options and product comparisons.

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