Spira Manufacturing Corporation is at the forefront of EMI gasket innovation, design, and customer service. With over 45 years as experts in the field and using our uniquely patented spiral EMI gasket, we offer customers a range of EMI gaskets, shielded honeycomb filters, and other products. Our products are of the highest quality and reliability, built to meet your requirements for the life of a system.

Our History

Founded by design engineer George Kunkel to address a need that wasn’t being fulfilled, George and his team designed, created and manufactured the patented spiral EMI gasket, along with other EMI shielding products. George has been a design engineer for 50 years, and for the last 40 years he has been associated with EMI/RFI research and involved in EMC System Design.


Our amazing team is comprised of people dedicated to exceptional quality, as evidenced by our 99.85% quality rating. Many of our employees have been with Spira for years. We believe in treating our employees right and serving all populations.

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The World’s Greatest

Spira Manufacturing Corporation was selected as the best in their category, and featured on the show “World’s Greatest!”


Spira’s engineering support is excellent and they are willing to send samples for customer trials. Try them out. You won’t be disappointed.

– Tony Meyer

Spira has the most complete line of products to manage EMI on the market. Support is always helpful and courteous.

– Jim Lindsay

Where We Are

Located in San Fernando, CA, we invite you to visit us and see our manufacturing plant! We take pride in where we live and who we serve.

Made In Usa