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Spira’s Quick-Strip gasket includes a “peel-n-stick” adhesive backing on a neoprene sponge elastomer. It’s an easy-to-use, low cost solution providing low to high shielding quality as needed. The standard configuration includes a Quick-Shield gasket and other spiral options are available if needed.

Gasket DimensionsQuick-Strip Part Numbers 
Elastomer Thickness (A)Elastomer Width (B)Spiral Diameter (D)Standard Force*Moderate ForceLow Force
.063”.250”.063”NI-0422-A /PNM-0422-A NC /PNL-0422-A NC /P
.375”NI-0423-A /PNM-0423-A NC /PNL-0423-A NC /P
.094”.250”.094”NI-0632-A /PNM-0632-A NC /PNL-0632-A NC /P
.375”NI-0633-A /PNM-0633-A NC /PNL-0633-A NC /P
.125”.250”.125”NI-0842-A /PNM-0842-A NC /PNL-0842-A NC /P
.375”NI-0843-A /PNM-0843-A NC /PNL-0843-A NC /P
.187”.250”.187”NI-1262-A /PNM-1262-A NC /PNL-1262-A NC /P

*All standard force gaskets come without a cord.

Quick-Strip can either be used in a continuous length along the perimeter of a chassis, or cut into small pieces and used at strategic intervals. When meeting relatively low shielding requirements such as for the FCC and European Community, you can often meet those requirements by using a few small pieces of the gasket. This allows you to get the shielding you need, while minimizing both the gasket and labor costs. The best way to figure out how many segments you need is during the testing phase of the design. Place a few 1” pieces of gasket around the perimeter of your box. Run a baseline test and then add and subtract gasket pieces until you find the optimal number. This also allows you to upgrade by adding a few more pieces if you later need to meet more stringent requirements or the frequency of your internal electronics goes up in subsequent product modifications.


Spiral: Quick-Shield, Stainless steel.
Elastomer: Neoprene sponge with adhesive backing.

Shielding Quality

This gasket offers shielding quality greater than 95 dB in continuous lengths. Small pieces of Quick-Strip will offer less shielding; how much less will depend on the size of the gap between pieces and your particular design.

Compression Force

Quick-Strip gaskets come in three different resiliencies (as shown below). Optimal compression of the gasket is 25% of the diameter of the spiral. The compression forces shown are approximate.

Standard Force: ~30 pounds per linear inch compression.
Moderate Force: ~10 pounds per linear inch compression.
Low Force: ~1.5 pounds per linear inch compression.


This gasket is surface mounted.

Spiral Material

Quick Strip comes standard with a stainless steel Quick-Strip spiral. Any of our other spiral materials may be custom configured to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Cord Insert

To keep costs low, we recommend you omit the cord usually used in the spiral. However, if over-compression of the gasket is a concern or problem, remove the “NC” from the part number on the moderate and low force series gaskets.
Example: NM-0632-A /P will include cord.
All Standard Force gaskets come without cord (no NC required).

Special Elastomer

We recommend the use of neoprene sponge elastomer because it is the lowest cost of popular elastomers. Silicone sponge elastomer can also be specified as shown below. (For solid elastomers, please see the Spira-Strip gasket on page 19).
/C: Silicone sponge (Example: NM-0632-A /C)

Adhesive Backing

Neoprene sponge elastomers only come with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing. Silicone sponge elastomers can be ordered without adhesive backing by dropping the -A designation in the part number.
Example: NM-0632 NC /P

Ordering Information

Quick-Strip is sold by the foot and typically packaged in coils except in small quantities. It can also be ordered cut-to-length in specific sizes at a very low cost, or you can cut it yourself using a sharp pair of scissors. Not all configurations are stock items. Contact us for availability.

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