When you’re making history, you don’t want to worry about your EMI gasket failing.

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For over 40 years, customers like SpaceX have turned to Spira EMI gaskets to meet their toughest shielding needs.

  • Reliability
  • High shielding
  • Longevity: Gaskets that last the life of the system
  • Low cost-to-volume ratio

Featured Product: Front-Mount EMI & Environmental Connector-Seal

Spira’s Front-Mount EMI & Environmental Connector-Seal gaskets are designed to provide an EMI & Environmental seal in flange-mounted connectors for the life of a system. They provide superior shielding quality and an excellent and durable environmental seal.

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Our unique design includes a rigid layer between silicone or fluorosilicone sealing which prevents cold flow and provides the most reliable and effective one-atmosphere seal for the life of the system. They include our patented spiral gasket for excellent EMI shielding up to 152dB, and can be specified to front or back mount on your connector. Also available in a Back-Mount configuration.

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