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Spira Strip 1
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Our Spira-Strip gasket includes a solid silicone elastomer to surface mount the gasket and provide an environmental seal if needed. The standard configuration includes a Spira-Shield gasket. Other spiral gaskets may be substituted if needed.

Gasket DimensionsSpira-Strip Part Numbers 
Elastomer Thickness (A)Elastomer Width (B)Spiral Diameter (D)Total Gasket WidthStandard Force*Moderate ForceLow Force
.063”.250” .078”.328”SS-0522 /SMS-0522 /SLS-0522 /S
.375”.453”SS-0523 /SMS-0523 /SLS-0523 /S
.500”.578”SS-0524 /SMS-0524 /SLS-0524 /S
.625”.703”SS-0525 /SMS-0525 /SLS-0525 /S
.094”.250”.109”.359”SS-0732 /SMS-0732 /SLS-0732 /S
.375”.484”SS-0733 /SMS-0733 /SLS-0733 /S
.500”.609”SS-0734 /SMS-0734 /SLS-0734 /S
.625”.734”SS-0735 /SMS-0735 /SLS-0735 /S
.125”.250”.156”.406”SS-1042 /SMS-1042 /SLS-1042 /S
.375”.531”SS-1043 /SMS-1043 /SLS-1043 /S
.500”.656”SS-1044 /SMS-1044 /SLS-1044 /S
.625”.781”SS-1045 /SMS-1045 /SLS-1045 /S

Moderate and low force gaskets come with a cord unless specified otherwise.
*All standard force gaskets come without a cord.

This gasket is made by attaching our Spira-Shield to a solid silicone elastomer which holds the spiral in place. The elastomer can be used to achieve an environmental seal of up to one atmosphere! This gasket can also be made into a custom Framed Gasket to your specifications.


Spiral: Spira-Shield, Tin/lead plated beryllium copper.
Cord: 80 durometer PVC (hard plastic).
Elastomer: 40 durometer solid silicone rubber.

Shielding Quality

This gasket offers shielding quality from 86 dB to 165 dB. The shielding quality may vary depending on your specific application.

Compression Force

Spira-Strip gaskets come in three different resiliencies (as shown below). Optimal compression of the gasket is 25% of the diameter of the spiral. The compression forces shown are approximate.

Standard Force: ~30 pounds per linear inch compression.
Moderate Force: ~10 pounds per linear inch compression.
Low Force: ~1.5 pounds per linear inch compression.

Note: The force to achieve an environmental seal is significantly greater than that required for the EMI seal.


This gasket is surface mounted and held in place either by punching holes in the elastomer and securing it with fasteners or by gluing the elastomer using an RTV adhesive. When using glue, take care to keep it off the spiral!

Spiral Material

Spira Strip comes standard with a tin/lead plated Spira-Shield gasket. Other spiral materials or plating options may be specified including: stainless steel, edge tin/lead plating and RoHS compatible plating. Please contact us for more information.

Cord Insert

Standard Force gaskets come without a cord and we recommend to omit the cord in all gaskets by specifying “NC” (no cord). Cord is available if needed in PVC, solid fluorosilicone, solid silicone and thermal plastic rubber depending on the size and should be ordered to match the elastomer chosen. Please contact us for details.
NC: No Cord (Example: MS-1043 NC /S )

Special Elastomer

Spira-Strip gaskets come with a solid silicone elastomer. A solid fluorosilicone elastomer is available on special request.* (For sponge elastomers, please see the Quick-Strip gasket.)

* Note: Cord will match elastomer choice if included.

Adhesive Backing

Some sizes can be configured with an adhesive tape backing for easy attachment. Please contact us for details.

Ordering Information

Spira-Strip is sold by the foot and typically packaged on cardboard flats except in small quantities. It can also be ordered cut-to-length in specific sizes or you can cut it yourself using a sharp pair of scissors. Not all configurations are stock items. Contact us for availability.

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