Custom O-Ring Gaskets

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Custom O-ring gaskets are made using a standard or custom size groove mounted Spira gasket. This includes: Spira-Shield, Enduro-Shield, Flexi-Shield and “D” Multi-Seal gaskets (in addition to any other groove mounted gasket). O-rings can be used either in circular or rectangular groove applications.


We assemble the o-rings either by winding one end of the spiral into the other and soldering (Spira-Shield and Quick-Shield) or using adhesive (Enduro-Shield, Flexi-Shield and “D” Multi-Seal).

When installing a “D” Multi-Seal o-ring into a rectangular groove, put the corners in first, then press the gasket into the straight sections of the groove. We recommend a corner radius of 1 1/2 times the diameter of the spiral or width of the “D” Multi-Seal gasket.

Custom o-rings can be made from many types of Spira gaskets:

  • Spira-Shield
  • Quick-Shield
  • Ultra Quick-Shield
  • Flexi-Shield*
  • Enduro-Shield*
  • “D” Multi-Seal

* Spira standard o-ring gaskets are also available in standard off-the-shelf sizes.

Ordering Information

Please contact us or send a sketch or drawing which includes the spiral part number, the inside diameter (ID) of the o-ring and the tolerance on the ID.

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