George M. Kunkel, Founder & CEO

George Kunkel 1Founded by design engineer George Kunkel to address a need that wasn’t being fulfilled, George and his team designed, created and manufactured the patented spiral EMI gasket, along with a collection of other EMI shielding products. George has been a design engineer for 50 years, and for the last 40 years he has associated with EMI/RFI research and involved in EMC System Design. Since founding Spira Manufacturing Corporation in 1978, George continues to lead our company in innovation, integrity, and exceptional quality production of the patented Spiral EMI Gasket.

His credentials and accomplishments include:

  • BS. and MS. degrees in Engineering from UCLA
  • Has been on the academic staff at UCLA, teaching several courses on applied electromagnetic theory.
  • Held the position of chairman of the Technical Committee on Interference Control of the EMC Society of the IEEE for seventeen years.
  • Extremely active within the EMI/RFI and electromagnetic industry and has authored and presented over a 100 papers internationally, discussing various aspects of EMC system design.
  • Numerous patents on components used for EMC compliance.
  • Achievements have been recognized in Marquis’ Who’s Who in: The West, America, The World, and Finance & Industry.
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