“D” Multi Seal Gasket

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“D” Multi-Seal is a groove-mounted gasket with a bulbous silicone elastomer for an excellent environmental seal. It comes standard with the Spira-Shield for superior shielding quality or can be ordered with any other spiral material.

Gasket Dimensions“D” Multi-Seal Part NumbersRecommended Mounting Dimensions
Width of Gasket (E)Spiral Diameter (D)Thickness of Wall (t)Standard Force*Moderate Force Low Force Depth (L) +.002”-.000”Width (G) +.007”-.005”Width (W) +.000”-.002”
.141”.063” ± .003”N/A**DSS-0421DMS-0421 NC--.046”.187”.138”
.187”   .094” ± .004”   N/A**DSS-0632DMS-0632 NC-- .070”   .250”   .180”
.250” .125” ± .004” .031” DSS-0842DMS-0842 NC--.094” .313” .240”
.375” .187” ± .006” .047” DSS-1263DMS-1263 NC--.140” .500” .367”
.500” .250” ± .007” .047” DSS-1684DMS-1684 NC--.188” .625” .485”

Moderate force gaskets come without a cord unless specified otherwise.
* All standard force gaskets come without a cord.
** These sizes come with a solid elastomer.

This combination EMI and environmental gasket is ideal for applications that need excellent sealing and have somewhat limited space or want to utilize a groove-mount solution. For surface mount applications, see the Basic Multi-Seal gasket.


Spiral: Spira-Shield, Tin/lead plated beryllium copper.
Elastomer option: Solid silicone rubber, 40 durometer on -0421, -0632; 60 durometer all other sizes. (See Options for RoHS compliance or other material choices).

Shielding Quality

This gasket offers shielding quality from 86 dB to 165 dB. The shielding quality may vary depending on your specific application.

Compression Force

“D” Multi-Seal gaskets comes in two different resiliencies (as shown below). Optimal compression of the gasket is 25% of the diameter of the spiral. Since the force to compress the gasket is a function of the cube of the thickness of the beryllium copper ribbon, the compression forces shown are approximate.
Standard Force: ~33 pounds per linear inch compression.
Moderate Force: ~13 pounds per linear inch compression.


This gasket is groove mounted.

Spiral Material

“D” Multi-Seal comes standard with a tin/lead plated Spira-Shield gasket. Other spiral materials or plating may be specified. Please contact us for more information.

Cord Insert

Standard Force gaskets come without a cord and we recommend to omit the cord in all gaskets by specifying “NC” (no cord). Cord is available if needed in PVC, solid fluorosilicone, solid silicone and thermal plastic rubber depending on the size and should be ordered to match the elastomer chosen. Please contact us for details.
NC: No Cord (Example: DMS-1263 NC)

Special Elastomer

The standard elastomer is solid silicone. A special elastomer can be specified as shown below (available in certain sizes only). Note that these elastomers (as with most special options) are non-stock items and will include additional charges.
/E: EPDM* (Example: DMS-1263 /E)
/F: Fluorosilicone*
/O: Space Qualified Silicone* (non-outgassing)

* Note: Cord will match elastomer choice if included.

Ordering Information

“D” Multi-Seal is sold by the foot in 10 foot lengths. Custom o-rings are also available. Not all configurations are stock items. Contact us for availability.

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