To Our Valued Customers:

As we are all aware, we are still experiencing unprecedented times, and continued disruption to the supply chain. For many years Spira absorbed the constant increase in labor and materials within our industry to continue providing our customers the very best product at competitive prices. However, as the supply chain continues to have challenges with drastically increased material costs and labor shortages, we must make changes in our pricing to continue providing top quality products.

Spira will be increasing product prices starting October 1st 2022. The price increase will be equal across all Spira products with custom items slightly higher due to increased labor costs.
Our Enduro-Shield product experienced the highest increase in material cost and is very labor-intensive. We encourage our customers using Enduro-Shield to contact our Technical Support experts ASAP to assist you with samples and consideration of our Flexi-Shield product. Flexi-Shield is much more cost-effective, with shorter lead times and still providing excellent shielding and enhanced durability.

Spira prides itself on offering the best performing EMI gaskets coupled with excellent technical assistance to best serve you, our valued customer, now and in the future. We greatly appreciate your business and the continued support as we all grow and succeed together.

Spira Management

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

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