Splicing Options

Due to the rising demand and to meet the varying requirements of customer programs Spira has created three standard options to treat the splicing of material in our spool selection. These options apply to the following products:

  • Spira-Shield
  • Quick-Shield
  • Ultra Quick-Shield
  • Flexi-Shield products

Option 1 – Default

Continuous lengths with splices within the material.

Continuous splice

This option will be the default option unless the customer specifies an alternate option. The spiral gasket is wound as long as possible in production, however, stoppages are always a possibility. If a discontinuity occurs, the ends of the gasket are joined together by winding one end inside the other and adhered with an adhesive (Loctite 404). This joint is guaranteed to hold up to 30% stretch of the material without affecting the form, fit or function in typical installations.

Option 2 – Marked Splice Locations

Marked splice

This option still has the gasket material splices, however the location of the splices are marked using a bright tape around the material. This allows customers to treat the splice locations as their application requires. Please note, lead times may be increased due to having to create the material specifically for each order.

Option 3 – Continuous Winding

Continuous winding

Continuous winding provides the gasket material without any spliced in the lengths provided. Please be advised continuous winding can only be provided in limited lengths and will require additional fees due to the higher scrap rate, and additional handling and packaging requirements. Additional lead times will be required as the material will be manufactured on a per-job basis.

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